“Being involved with the Youth Assembly is a huge honor, engaging young people from all over the world to engage on the world’s greatest challenges to find partnerships for collaboration and action is inspiring, and helps me rise to do more to make a more positive impact where I can.”

Molly Stern has over a decade of experience serving international organizations and higher education institutions as a trainer and facilitator on intercultural and experiential learning workshops that develop participants to be effective at working with others in a global workforce.

Through sessions on active listening and empathy, intercultural communication, understanding inequalities, and conflict resolution she equips teams with the tools necessary to grow their understanding of different perspectives and enable international collaboration. She holds a Master’s degree in International Education from the School for International Training and a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Women’s Studies and Spanish from the University of Minnesota.

Molly will facilitate a workshop titled, “Unveiling the Invisible: Decoding Power and Privilege through Global Competence”

What lies beneath the surface? What invisible forces influence the world’s power dynamics? This highly immersive workshop, based on the award-winning Global Competence Certificate curriculum, will allow participants to explore and challenge power structures using Global Competence and Intercultural Learning tools, essential to understand what perpetuates inequality.