Delton is a youth leader from Liberia and graduate student at Towson University, specializing in Information Assurance. He holds a Global Competence Certificate from AFS Intercultural Programs. Currently, he serves as the Liberia Representative to the Youth Assembly in New York, USA. During his involvement with the Youth Assembly, Delton has established valuable connections and collaborated with fellow young leaders to drive social change in Liberia. His remarkable efforts earned him recognition as an Outstanding Youth Ambassador at the 26th and 27th Youth Assembly.

He is deeply passionate about enhancing youth capacity development and promoting humanitarian causes. He has actively collaborated with both local and international organizations to organize various programs focused on empowering young individuals, providing humanitarian aid across Liberia, and showcasing Liberian art and culture. As a board member of Healing Liberia, a charitable organization based in Liberia, they offer critical medical support and care to disadvantaged Liberians. Additionally, he works as a consultant at Innovation Hub Liberia, where they provide information technology training to both corporate entities and individuals. Delton’s innovative initiatives primarily target crucial issues in Liberia, such as sexual and gender-based violence, the advancement of information and communication technology (ICT), support for the education and health sectors, youth empowerment, equality, social justice, and inclusion.

Delton will speak in the SDG Zone.