Nadine Khaouli from Lebanon is a community activist and global goals advocate who turned her passion for community service and youth empowerment into outstanding achievements. She co-founded a youth-led initiative called “Kafe be Kafak,” which means “Hand in Hand,” to help and support families in need due to the deteriorating socio-economic crisis and Beirut Blast that happened on August 4, 2020. She was able to mobilize hundreds of young volunteers to distribute food boxes, cash assistance and medication for families in need in different regions. Because of her impactful work, Nadine was nominated as one of the Generation17 young leaders for UNDP and Samsung Global. Through Generation17’s platforms, UNDP and Samsung are supporting Nadine to amplify her voice using technology and reach thousands of people globally. Moreover, she won the “Outstanding Youth Delegate” Award at the 2022 AFS Youth Assembly that took place in New York, and she was recently selected by JCI and UNIC Beirut as one of the “10 Outstanding Young People of Lebanon” in 2022. Nadine is also a mentor, social entrepreneurship trainer, lead facilitator and motivational speaker who is invited to high-level meetings and global events to represent young people’s voice. Besides her initiative, Nadine is a member of the United Nations and she’s currently working as a Youth Engagement Coordinator for Generation17 initiative at UNDP HQ in New York.

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Nadine will speak on a panel titled, “Extreme Poverty in a World Facing Conflicts and a Pandemic.”