Ali Mustafa, Representative to the United Nations, AFS Intercultural Programs, Advisor to Youth Representative Steering Committee United Nations Department of Global Communications


Ali is a youth development professional who brings with him over 14 years of experience as a human rights advocate and a youth mobilizing force. He has worked with numerous multilateral organizations in various capacities and has developed programs on youth and gender. He founded the International Youth Conference in 2019, since then engaging youth from the global south. In his role with United Nations Population Activity (UNFPA), he engaged with a group of university students to present youth mobilization programs to various targeted communities.

 Ali is currently serving as the Consultant for United Nations Affairs at AFS Intercultural Programs and a Civil Society Representative to the United Nations Department of Global Communications and previously served as Co-Chair to Youth Representative Steering Committee, UN Department of Global Communications and Co-Chair for youth planning sub-committee for 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference in 2019. 

Ali holds a Graduate Degree in International Affairs and PhD Candidate of Political Science conducting his research in “Youth Engagement in Politics.” He can be reached out on twitter at @smalimustafa.

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