“Young people play a vital role in advancing the SDGs. The importance of investing in youth as agents of change for sustainable development cannot be understated

Ronelle King is an Afro-Barbadian Multi-Award Winning Gender Rights Activist.

In 2016, she founded the viral cyber-feminist movement #lifeinleggings, which later evolved into a grassroots organization, Life In Leggings: Caribbean Alliance Against Gender-based Violence. The organization was founded to eradicate regional occurrences of gender-based violence. 

Ronelle currently serves as a United Nations Youth Advisory Group Member for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean and as a UN recognized Young Leader for the SDGs.

Through her work, she has been a driving force in highlighting key issues pertaining to gender rights, youth development, and the protection of marginalized communities. She views her work as helping to create an inclusive, sustainable, and equitable region for all. 

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Ronelle King will speak on a panel titled, “Sounding the Alarm: How to Get SDGs 1 and 5 on Track.”