Beyond the status quo

Global problems, including war, poverty, and environmental degradation, persist at the expense of human development and a sustainable planet. While we’ve seen progress in the last few decades, the rate at which we are taking action to prevent environmental disasters is not enough, as countries struggle to reduce their carbon footprint. At the same time, meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030 requires unprecedented financing that’s not yet available. These patterns reveal that traditional governance processes and leadership face shortcomings in delivering ernest results; delayed “business as usual” responses are not sufficient to tackle contemporary challenges at the global scale.

Building a better future is only possible with serious and committed action right now. In this context, the 1.2 billion young people in the world – the most connected generation in history – hold the hope and potential for concrete progress towards a more sustainable, equitable world today and tomorrow. With the power of new youth leadership and energy, it’s time to realize and accelerate meaningful results in all aspects of international development.

The future is now

Rising to this challenge, The Youth Assembly is a platform where the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation gathers the foremost young leaders from around the world to learn, engage, and act to solve global issues. In the Friendship Ambassadors Community, the future is now, as young people lead the way through their talent, drive, innovation, and friendships to shift the global course towards achieving a better world. This conference will equip hundreds of young people from around the world with new knowledge, skills, networks, and opportunities  to create positive impact as leaders of the present and future.

The 25th Session of the Youth Assembly takes on the theme “It’s Time: Youth for Global Impact” to challenge young leaders and development actors to step up, plan, and act effectively and immediately to realize positive outcomes for sustainable development on the ground. Through discussions, skill-building workshops, networking, and ideation challenges and with the support of experts and practitioners in the field, The Youth Assembly Delegates will obtain the relevant resources and opportunities to begin or grow their impact. Additionally, through the Global Development Leadership Series, Delegates will further delve into these topics by visiting and engaging with global organizations.

360-degree view on development

The program agenda will highlight three core areas of urgent need that young people can mobilize towards: Human Development, Peace, and Environment. Sessions on Human Development will focus on core issues to improve the well being of all people in order to live to their potential: ending poverty, providing quality education, and reducing inequalities, among others. Furthermore, conflict devastates lives and sets back development. Sessions on Peace will focus on building and sustaining peace, both within and between societies, through conflict resolution, good governance, and human rights. With environmental threats escalating at an alarming rate, sessions on Environment will emphasize how immediate high level leadership and action is crucial to set the path for a greener world.

Among these areas of discourse, attendees may choose to go in-depth or explore various topics. The program will also consider the interconnectedness of these issues, their nexus dynamics, as well as the role of technology.

In view of FAF’s commitment to generating action and impact, conference sessions will develop and strengthen tangible and pragmatic hard skills that can be utilized immediately to solve local and global problems. Sessions will also foster soft skills like creativity and collaboration, and strengthen global citizenship. Additionally, Delegates will also participate in working group to contribute on the outcome document.

A real catalyst for youth impact

The Youth Assembly is a place for young people to build partnerships and networks, learn and develop critical skills, and take action that delivers real impact to their local and global communities.

The outcome is a powerful cross-sector and cross-national network among the next generation of leaders, translated into action-based projects and initiatives after the conference. We expect participants to experience The Youth Assembly, not as an event, but as part of a journey that directs significant action and impact on the ground in their communities and across the world.

To guide this journey, the Delegates will help produce a landmark document – FAF’s first Declaration of Priorities, which will set out the primary issues, goals, and strategies for youth action to support sustainable development as determined and agreed upon by The Youth Assembly and the FA community globally. The priorities will gather consultations and input from the Global Action and Impact Network (GAIN), the Youth Assembly Delegates,  Alumni, and the broader Friendship Ambassadors Community. Attendees of The 25th Youth Assembly will play a key role by formulating ideas and language for the outcome document. Subsequently, the 26th Session of The Youth Assembly will convene in Summer 2020 to monitor and evaluate the progress of the implementation of the priorities.

To implement the Priorities of the Friendship Ambassadors Community, the Youth Assembly Delegates are encouraged to join our Global Action and Impact Network (GAIN), as part of a global movement of young changemakers developing groundbreaking solutions to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. Additionally, through the Global Impact Challenge, selected new social venture projects will receive mentorship and seed funding. Delegates are encouraged to take on leadership roles within FAF programs, becoming the change they seek in their communities, and bringing these unique opportunities to young changemakers locally.

The Youth Assembly aims to drive forward critical youth action to catalyze transformation for a better world. The time to make the difference is now, as Delegates will leave the conference newly equipped to confront challenges, seize opportunities, and make a difference in their societies and communities.

Stay tuned.
The next Youth Assembly is coming in August 2022!

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