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“The AFS Youth Assembly was a truly transformative experience. It gave me the knowledge, the skills, and the confidence to be a climate change leader. I am committed to using my voice and my platform to make a difference in the world.”

—Meaza Haregewoin Fiseha, 26 years old, Ethiopia
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“The AFS Youth Assembly doesn’t just focus on global issues that young leaders try to tackle, but provides them with tools to use on their journey, and it creates connections so they can support, mentor or even work with each other. It  helped me to reflect on the journey I am taking towards my vision and to set new goals for breaking through to a better future.”

—Ipek Çakıroğlu, 21 years old, Turkey
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“At the AFS Youth Assembly I got new ideas on how to help my community. I got to connect with people who are doing the same things I’m interested in and understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals way better than I did before the event. I am more ready to take action now and stop procrastinating.”

—Nadine Maselesele, 22 years old, South Africa