What You Can Do About Climate Change, with MIT ESI

Today’s episode will be a real treat for everyone passionate about the environment and taking climate action. Our guest is Laur Hesse Fisher, Program Director at MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI). MIT ESI is a Knowledge Partner for our Youth Assembly this year, spearheading great program content in the climate track. Laur talked to us about how to avoid hopelessness in climate work, the intersections of policy, technology and humanitarian crises with climate change, and many other things she is excited about in advance of the AFS Youth Assembly.

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What to Look Forward to at the AFS Youth Assembly

We’re excited to introduce you to our new guest: Yumna Khan is a true leader and champion of empowering other young people. Today, Yumna serves as the Director of the Youth Assembly and Strategic Youth Initiatives at AFS Intercultural Programs. But her involvement with this event is a very long standing one, and this will be the 11th Youth Assembly that she organizes. Yumna joins our podcast to give us a glimpse into this year’s event, the 20 year long legacy that we’re building on, and to provide some excellent advice on how to make the best of your AFS Youth Assembly experience.

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Alumni in Spotlight: Ilan Enverga

In this episode, we are joined by Ilan Enverga, a young educator and SDG advocate from the Philippines. He works as a teacher and a teacher educator, and he’s also a member of UNESCO’s SDG for Youth and Student Network. We’re excited to talk to Ilan because he attended the AFS Youth Assembly last year and had a lot of success at the event, including winning second place at the AFS Award for Young Global Citizens. Ilan has since become a member of our Youth Advisory Council.

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