*** Scholarship applications closed on April 16, 2023. ***

The Climate Entrepreneurship program is delivered in partnership between New York University (NYU) School of Professional Studies Center for Global Affairs and AFS Intercultural Programs.

Few issues are as complex and multifaceted as climate change. Meeting the many pressing challenges that climate change presents, and is forecast to present, is an urgent, global priority. According to the Yale Center for Business and the Environment, “the world needs leaders in all sectors who can connect the massive economic opportunity of clean energy to the moral imperatives of addressing climate change and protecting all communities and ecosystems.”

And this is where you come in. The Youth Assembly Climate Entrepreneurship track will help emerging leaders address and connect the moral imperative and opportunity. For a young entrepreneur, it is a once-in-a-generation calling. 

Breakthrough Energy, a venture founded by Bill Gates to invest in startup companies accelerating innovation in sustainable energy, identify “five grand challenges” that will need to be tackled to mitigate or prevent the worst-case scenario impacts of climate change: how we plug in, make things, grow things, get around, keep cool and stay warm. They note that tackling these will require, “unprecedented technological transformations in almost every sector of modern life”. The undertaking is both critical and massive, but if done right, “also a major economic opportunity that can promote growth, create jobs, and accelerate the transition to low-carbon development in a wide range of sectors,” according to the International Finance Corporation.

We need climate entrepreneurs. By responding to specific problems, demands, or gaps in the market, climate entrepreneurs help identify and pursue opportunities that deliver environmental benefits for the communities they serve and the world. 

All participants will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Climate Entrepreneurship Program from the New York University (NYU) Center for Global Affairs.

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*** Scholarship applications closed on April 16, 2023. ***

New York University (NYU) – School of Professional Studies Center for Global Affairs is the official Partner for the Climate Entrepreneurship Track of the 28th AFS Youth Assembly. 


What you'll learn

Participants will gain first-hand and theoretical knowledge of founding, financing, and growing a startup in climate change-focused sectors, providing Delegates with an intensive, hands-on entrepreneurship education and leadership development training covering a range of climate-focused areas.

In the Climate Entrepreneurship Track, participants will engage in the following:

  • Climate Entrepreneurship Program
  • Certificate of Completion of the Climate Entrepreneurship Program
  • Field Visit with renowned NYC Urban Future Lab
  • A foundational understanding of the interconnected nature and complexity of the clean energy and clean technology sectors
  • Ability to apply Lean Startup Methodologies
  • Experience building and presenting a Pitch Deck as competitors – winner will be selected
  • Familiarity with various funding vehicles for Startups
  • Exposure to various start-up solutions and experience of founders in the Startup ecosystem
  • Celebrate new friendships in Manhattan Boat Cruise, while taking in the NYC skyline – a most memorable experience for participants
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Climate Entrepreneurship Package Fees

A limited number of scholarships funded by bp, a global energy company, for the Climate Entrepreneurship Package is available now:

Includes: This package + the Youth Assembly conference

  • Dates: August 9-13, 2023
  • Double room – $3550
  • Single room – $3850

Please note: All Package options include full access to the conference (the 28th Session of The Youth Assembly) in New York City.

*** Scholarship applications closed on April 16, 2023. ***


  • Round-trip flight arrangement
  • Airport transfers
  • Visa application and fees (if applicable)
  • Travel/healthcare insurance
  • Personal incidentals and expenses
  • Transportation outside the programs
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