Note: The sessions and speakers are tentative, a complete program will be available two weeks before the event. This page will be updated on a continuous basis with new information. 

DAY 1: August 12, 2022

Venue: United Nations
International Youth Day Celebration

6:30 PM Call to Order

6:35 PM Opening performance

6:40 PM Introduction

  • Ms. Yumna Khan, Manager of the Youth Assembly, AFS Intercultural Programs 

6:45 PM Opening Address

  • Mr. Daniel Obst, CEO and President, AFS Intercultural Programs 

6:50 PM Welcome Remarks

  • Mr. António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations (video)
  • Ms. Jayathma Wickramanayake, Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth (video)
  • Mr. Robert Skinner, Deputy Director and Chief of Partnerships and Global Engagement, UN Department of of Global Communications 
  • Mr. Chris Williams, Director of New York Office, UN-Habitat
  • Sir Tony Blair, Executive Chairman, Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (video) 

7:25 PM International Youth Day (Panel)

  • Moderator: Mr. Ali Mustafa, UN Consultant, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Mr. Brighton Kaoma, Global Director, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth 
  • Ms. Klevisa Kovaci, Humanitarian Response, Save the Children and Montage Initiative
  • Ms. Veronica Boix Mansilla, Principal Investigator, Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education

8:10 PM Keynote Speech

  • Ms. María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, Fellow of the Robert Bosch Academy, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador and Former President of the UN General Assembly (video)

8:20 PM New York City Mayoral Proclamation Award

  • Mr. Dilip Chauhan, Deputy Commissioner for Trade, Investment and Innovation

8:25 PM Closing Remarks

  • Ms. Amalie Ferdinand, Chair of Board of Trustees, AFS Intercultural Programs

8:30 PM AFS Award for Young Global Citizens Finalists Announcement

8:35 PM Program Overview & Important Announcements

Day 2: August 13, 2022

Venue: Convene 

10:00 – 11:15 AM

Session 2, YOUTH Track | AT HALL 1

Transforming Education for All Panel (Panel)

  • Moderator: Andrew Macdonald, Principal, Better World Learning
  • Faith Abiodun, Executive Director, United World Colleges
  • Ioana Dospinescu, Adviser to the State Counselor, Government of Romania, Department of Sustainable Development
  • Leslie Engle Young, Senior Managing Director, Pencils of Promise
  • Lily Gray, Senior Liaison Officer, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • Brighton Kaoma, Global Director, United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth
Session 3, Global Health Track | AT HALL 2

How can we achieve equitable access to healthcare and prevent non-communicable diseases? (Panel)

  • Christie Bloomquist, Vice President, US Corporate and Government Affairs, AstraZeneca
  • Joanna Lai, Health Specialist (Adolescent, Youth and Mental Health), UNICEF (video)
  • Ishu Kataria, Senior Public Health Researcher, Center for Global Noncommunicable Diseases, RTI International
  • Risa Turetsky, Vice President for North American Region, International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH)

The Imperative of Global Citizenship (Panel)

  • Moderator: Ana Carolina Cassiano, Head of Education Development, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Amanda Abrom, Manager, Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN Youth)
  • Dina Buchbinder Auron, Founder and President, Education for Sharing
  • Sabrina E. Kinslow, Vice President Programming & Impact,
  • Daniel Obst, President & CEO, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Cristian A. Vera, Senior Vice President Sales, DHL

11:30 – 12:45 PM

Session 1, YOUTH Track | AT HALL 1

Conquering the Divide in a Polarized World (Panel)

  • Moderator: Nicole Lebenson Angulo, Deputy Chief Organization Development, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Allan Goodman, CEO, Institute of International Education (IIE)
  • Rashad Nimr, Inclusive Peacebuilding Advisor, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Dana Podmolikova, Project Management Specialist on Youth, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC)
  • Paula Porras, Program Officer, United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
  • Muhammad Rashid, Third Secretary of the Permanent Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations
Session 3, GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Track | at hall 2

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Global Careers (Panel)

  • Moderator: Ann´Andreza Martins, Deputy Chief Program Officer, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Cordelia Abreu, Senior Vice President Human Resources Americas, DHL
  • Shadan Deleveaux, Staffing Team Lead, Global Partnerships, Google
  • Courtney Temple, EVP, Chief Administrative Officer, IIE
Session 2, technology Track | at the hub

Inclusion in Technological Advancements for All (Panel)

  • Moderator: Kayla Colyard, Events & Partnerships Project Lead, UN Focal Point, SDSN-Youth
  • Amber Allen, CEO and Founder, Double A Labs
  • Loizza Aquino, Manager of Grants Administration, Taking IT Global
  • Samira Khan, Direction of Field & Campaign Insights, Global Public Affairs, Microsoft
  • Alejandra Molina, Co-founder of Edtech/Future of Work Start Up, Beepboop
  • Adam Roberts, Education Industry Solutions Director, Learner Data Systems, Salesforce (video)

12:00 – 4:00 PM

Opportunities Fair

1:00 – 2:45 PM


AFS Award for Young Global Citizens Finals 

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Session 1, GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Track | at hall 1

Skills for Communicating with the World (Workshop)

  • Tony Blair Institute, Generation Global
    • Lisa Petro, Education and Quality Lead
    • Angélica Santana Fierro, Educational Specialist 
Session 2, technology Track | at hall 2

Using Artificial Intelligence for Social Good (Workshop)

  • PwC
    • Sarah Awan, Director, CEO Action For Racial Equity
    • Mitali Shanbhag, Technology Consultant Associate
Session 3, GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Track | at the hub

Global Citizenship in a Digital World (Workshop)

  • Global Gateway Advisors 
    • Sasha Kalra, Director, Digital Strategy 
    • Elizabeth Georgakopoulos, Account Executive

4:15 – 5:15 PM

Session 1YOUTH Track | at hall 1

Philanthropy and Grantseekeing Basics (Workshop)

  • Candid 
    • Supriya Kumar, Global Partnerships Manager
    • Arif Mohammad Ekram, Global Partnerships Manager
Session 2, GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Track | at hall 2

Dare to Lead: What types of leadership are required in the 21st Century? (Workshop)

  • Schwarzman Scholars
    • Frederico Menino, PH.D, Admissions Outreach and Selection Officer
Session 3 | at the hub

Building Your Advocacy Skills on Sustainable Development Education (Workshop)

  • Global Schools Program/SDSN Youth
    • Amanda Abrom, Manager, SDSN Youth
    • Brenda Garcia Millan, Project Officer/ Research & Policy Analyst, SDSN Youth / Climate Action Campaign
    • Kendra-Lee Heney, Project Officer, Advocacy, SDSN Youth / Global Schools Program.
    • Elizabeth Lerman, Content Team Project Officer, SDSN Youth / Global Schools Program.

Day 3: August 14, 2022

Venue: Convene
Sessions & Closing Ceremony

10:00 – 11:15

Session 1, YOUTH Track | AT hall 1

Climate Action for People & Planet (Panel)

  • Moderator: Alexandria Villasenor, Founder & Executive Director, EarthUprising
  • Ali Golden, Director, Strategic Relationships, Terracycle
  • Kasia Kroll, Senior Communications Associate, The Rockefeller Foundation: Global Energy Alliance for People & Planet
  • Satya S. Tripathi, Secretary-General, Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet
Session 2, YOUTH Track | at hall 2

Education for Displaced Persons & Refugees (Panel)

  • Moderator: Efrem Fisher, Chief Programs Officer, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Khaled Abdulwahed, Administrative Manager, Molham Team
  • Dana Al-Anzy, Youth Assembly Ambassador & Senior Specialist Strategic Partnerships, Education Above All Foundation
  • Dina Almasaeid, Country Manager, SPARK
  • Paisley Elliot, Founder and Chief Ideas Officer, Paisley Pals
  • Sarah Hunaidi, Communications and Advocacy Consultant, The Syria Campaign
  • Le Wang, UN Representative & Director of New York Global Advocacy Office, Save the Children
Session 3, GLOBAL HEALTH Track | at the hub 

From local to global SDGs impact: An evidence-based approach for youth-led action in sustainable urban development (Workshop)

    • Shamoy Hajare, Stakeholder Advisor to the Executive Director

11:30 – 12:45 PM

Session 1, GLOBAL HEALTH Track | at hall 1

Global Health (Workshop)

  • Organization and speaker (tba)
Session 2 | at hall 2

Youth Assembly Alumni Panel: From Delegate to Changemaker

  • Moderator: Yumna Khan, Manager of the Youth Assembly, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Dana Al-Anzy, Youth Assembly Ambassador & Senior Specialist Strategic Partnerships, Education Above All Foundation
  • Angelica Remache Lopez, Former Youth Assembly Ambassador, Founder, RL Foundation
  • Raquely Portela Malveira, Former Outstanding Youth Delegate
  • Wantoe Teah Wantoe, Youth Assembly Delegation Leader and Distinguished Alumni Award Winner, Executive Director, Aspiring Liberian For National Transformation
  • Pedro Vianna, Former Youth Assembly Impact Leader, Accreditation Coordinator, Toronto International Film Festival
Session 3, YOUTH Track | at the hub

Building Inclusive Communities in a Polarized Era (Workshop)

  • AFS Intercultural Programs
    • Anaïs Chauvet, Educational Support Specialist
    • Andrés Peñaloza Lanza, Educational Products Coordinator

1:00 – 2:45 PM


Action & Impact Hub

Ambassadors Award Ceremony

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Session 1, YOUTH Track | at hall 1

Efficiency, Sustainability, Prosperity – A Discussion with the World Bank

  • World Bank
    • Jason Daniel Russ, Senior Economist
    • Li Lou, External Affairs/Lead of Speakers Bureau
Session 2, GLOBAL HEALTH Track | at hall 2

The Long-Term Mental Health Effects of COVID-19 (Workshop)

  • Blanton-Peale Institute & Counseling Center
    • Mickey Correa, Chief Program Officer
Session 3, technology Track | at the hub

Workshop TBA

4:15 – 5:15 PM

Session 1, YOUTH Track | at hall 1

Workshop TBA

Session 2, DIGITAL Track | at hall 2

Artificial Intelligence for Social Impact (Workshop)

  • IBM
    • Aakanksha Joshi, Senior Data Scientist
    • Rebecca Duane, Business Development Executive,  Strategic Partnerships, M&A, AI for Social Good
Session 3 | at the hub

Youth Assembly Ambassadors Program (Panel)

  • Moderator: Yumna Khan, Manager of the Youth Assembly, AFS Intercultural Programs 
  • Lulwa Alsada, Youth Assembly Ambassador
  • Larissa Cevallos, National Grants Coordinator at Plan Internacional, Co-founder and Executive Director, United Peruvian Youth
  • Delton Domah, Student, Towson University
  • Patricia Kumbakisaka, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy specialization, Government of Canada / Generation Change, International Partnership Platforms
  • Miguel Ángel Ortega Mateos, Business Analyst, Equifax

Venue: Convene
Closing Ceremony, 7:00 – 9:00 PM

7:00 PM Call to Order, Program Roundup

7:05 PM   Program Roundup

  • Ms. Yumna Khan, Manager of the Youth Assembly, AFS Intercultural Programs

7:10 PM Keynote Speech

  • Ms. Alexandria Villasenor, Founder & Executive Director, Earth Uprising

7:30 PM Outstanding Ambassadors Recognition
Outstanding Youth Delegate Award

7:40 PM AFS Award for Young Global Citizens Winners Announcement

  • Mr. Daniel Obst, President & CEO, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Mr. Helmut Schuster, Board of Trustees, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • Ms. Amalie Ferdinand, Chair of Board of Trustees, AFS Intercultural Programs

7:50 PM Concluding Remarks

  • Mr. Daniel Obst, President & CEO, AFS Intercultural Programs

8:00 PM Culturefest

  • Ms. Nicole Lebenson Angulo, Deputy Chief Organization Development, AFS Intercultural Programs
  • 8:10 PM Performances 
  • 8:45 PM Cultural Fashion Show – Youth Assembly Delegates 
  • 8:55 PM Closing Remarks – Mr. Daniel Obst, President & CEO, AFS Intercultural Programs
86390674_3536798623060184_1608718827221155840_n copy

concept note

Dare to Reshape the World

The theme of the 27th Session of The Youth Assembly is “Dare to Reshape the World.” Through discussions, skill-building workshops, networking, and ideation challenges, and with the support of experts and practitioners in the field, young attendees will gain the relevant resources and opportunities they need to reshape the world.

The program agenda will focus on four core areas where there are urgent challenges and exciting potential for young people to take action, aligning with the United Nations Secretary General’s Report on Our Common Agenda:

  • Track 1: Youth: Peace and Politics; Education and Climate action;
  • Track 2: Global Health: Mental health and Covid-19; effects on Marginalized populations;
  • Track 3: Global Citizenship: Leadership and Resilience in today’s world;
  • Track 4: Technology and Inclusion: Technology and Artificial intelligence.
Read the Concept Note

Featured speakers

Since 2004, our most notable speakers have included UN leaders and senior staff, celebrities, and other luminaries from civil society and the private sector. Meet the speakers who will join us at the 27th Session of the Youth Assembly in New York City.

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