“The AFS Youth Assembly is a hub for diverse, motivated individuals who are not just passionate about change but are actively working to make it happen instead of waiting on the sidelines. It gives me the opportunity to connect, reflect and take charge of my actions.”

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family,” a sentiment expressed by Kofi Annan, echoing my mission. Amidst a world where educational quality is often dictated by luck, I am committed to changing this narrative.

My Master’s in International Education Development from the University of Pennsylvania was an inciting incident that heightened my focus on bridging global educational disparities. With these enriched skills, I collaborated on an initiative in India, Roop, aimed at breaking societal taboos around sexuality education and nurturing a space of equality and respect.

This international experience complements my ongoing commitment locally, exemplified in my continued volunteer work with Minds Matter Boston. Engaging in personalized mentorship, I empower high school students to rise above their circumstances, transcending barriers to college readiness.

As a strategy consultant, my role is a confluence of these experiences. Collaborating with diverse stakeholders, I formulate strategies addressing core educational challenges. My focus remains on crafting a holistic approach, where global insights enrich local impacts, embodying the synergy of SDGs 4 and 17, in fostering quality education for all through collaboration.

Each step reaffirms my conviction: every child, irrespective of their starting point, deserves a front-row seat in the theater of learning and opportunity. My every initiative, collaboration, and strategy is a stride towards upturning the unpredictable lottery of educational opportunity.

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